Your Tuel Client Relationship Guide: Here’s How to Find, Grow and Keep Your Clients

If you are looking for the most rewarding and beneficial way to build your business, start with your clients. Why you ask? Because putting in the effort to consistently care for your clients can be extremely rewarding for you both. Studies say that 86% of customers that have an “emotional connection” with a brand or business are more likely to continue that relationship. So if it makes you and your clients feel (and look) great AND it contributes to your success as a business owner, why not give it a try? Here’s how you start using your client relationship super powers based on some expert ideas from our team at Tuel. 

Find Your People

The truth is you’ll find your work more enjoyable when you are caring for your ideal client. Some ways to find your people include:

  • Identify your ideal client: Skincare fanatics? Passionate about botanicals? Adventurous about new skincare ideas? Believe it or not, your ideal client generally has a specific demographic makeup in terms of gender, age, salary, profession and a whole lot more. Get this research completed and go after those who share your philosophy when it comes to skincare. 
  • Secure the right partnerships: From superior products, to education on customer experience, marketing and increasing your business savvy, be sure to choose a professional partner and skincare line that will invest in you as an esthetician while also helping you grow your business. Look for partnerships that offer everything from distributor benefits to tools such as a salon finder and ongoing educational opportunities.

Grow Your Clients

Of course your clients want to see results post-treatment and at home, which is why the best  way to grow your business is by using and offering professional grade products. Professional treatments that provide the ongoing skincare they need combined with educating them on simple, skin-typed focused skincare routine that features the right products is the key to the type of long term results that get you clients for life.  


Keep Your Clients 

This is a relationship business, and fortunately we live in a digital world which makes it easy to stay in touch with your clients. Find ways through social media, email, and texts to stay front of their mind when it comes to all things  skincare. Promote your services and retail sales during seasonal changes, by watching trends, and when it comes to gift giving. Try these marketing resources as a way to easily and effectively connect with your clients. 

  • Social Media: It’s here you can engage with your clients in real time, create a personal experience, and increase loyalty. Use Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to show how to use products, educate and even answer questions. This is also a great time to learn more about how social media advertising can boost your client base and increase retail revenue. Affordable, targeted and measurable, social media advertising gives many small businesses the boost they need at a price they can afford.
  • Email marketing: Use programs such as Constant Contact or Freshmarketer to easily build a client database and then create personalized email campaigns designed to inform and educate your clients on services, upcoming promotions and general skincare tips. 
  • SMS (Text) Marketing: Did you know studies show that text messages are opened 98% of the time? There are many apps that offer a way for you to send SMS messages to your customers without a lot of effort on your part. Be sure to look for an app that is easy to use, offers two-way communication and is affordable to get started but easy to scale as your business grows.