Try These Expert Arm Waxing Tips Straight From the Wax Queen

The bare-all look is having a moment, and no matter what the season, clients are loving how smooth, sexy arms look and feel. And because of its popularity, now’s the time to offer full arm waxing to your clients as a stand-alone service—one that will offer beautiful benefits for their skin beyond hair removal. So where to start? Check out these full arm waxing tips from the Wax Queen.


TIP #1: Educate on Pre + Post Care

We’ll never get tired of saying it. Pre-and post-wax care is the foundation of waxing success. Pre-wax, remind clients to follow some basic tips such as avoiding sun exposure or spray tans (especially since this is an arm treatment), letting their hair grow the proper length prior to their appointment (3-4 weeks of growth), and regular exfoliation to prepare the skin for maximum results.


Post-wax, they can avoid post-wax bumps by using a blemish control product at home which will keep the follicle clear, suppress bacteria, and jump start the healing process. And don’t forget to remind them that consistency is key to glowing skin so they should schedule an appointment every four weeks.


TIP 2: Technique is Important

Start with the client on their back, arms raised above their head. Then wax everything you can from that angle, before sitting them up to do the front of the arms. Remember to hold the skin tight by pulling the skin as you are applying and removing the wax. 


TIP 3: Soft Wax is Best

Because soft wax grabs fine hairs perfectly, it works perfectly on larger areas of the body. At Berodin, we recommend it typically for the arms, legs, back, and chest because it’s very gentle, financially smart (it doesn’t cost you much to wax) and removes hair exactly how you want it to. Mild on the skin, our soft wax is  heated at a low temperature and easily removed making for a  gentle waxing experience. Prep with a tiny about of Jasmine Oil, apply a thin layer and  remove it with a non-woven  strip. The soft wax comes off cleanly and efficiently and is completely non-sticky, making it ideal for speed waxing situations such as arms and legs.


TIP #4: Tattoos Are Not Taboo

From full sleeves to small forearm designs, help your clients keep their arm ink looking amazing by not shying away from waxing arms with tattoos. Like with any wax treatment, prepare the skin with oil. Then just wax the way you normally would, keeping a thin layer of wax on the skin. Using your strips, work to remove the hair while keeping those tattoos beautiful and hair-free.