Yes, An Organized Wax Cart Can Make a Difference

Keeping your wax cart organized can do more for your business (and you!) than you may realize. From increasing productivity and profits to reducing stress, getting and staying organized is worth every ounce of energy. Let the Wax Queen guide the way to organized wax cart bliss with these easy steps. 


Why You Should Do It: Decrease Clutter, Increase Focus

When your cart is ready for anything, so are you. An organized wax cart means you can trust that you have everything you need to care for and focus on your clients. Translation, you can better care for them, while building relationships and providing excellent, efficient services, instead of hunting for strips or spatulas.


How You Should Do It: Getting Organized

Always keep your wax at the front of your cart. This will keep the rest of your cart clean and help avoid dripping wax over other products while working on clients. Pre and Post-Wax products should sit at the back of your cart since they are generally used at the beginning and end of your treatment. Keep them easily accessible but out of the way. Place your wax strips and spatulas to the side so they are easy to grab and won’t impact your efficiency as you work. Store other tools such as combs, tweezers and scissors in a clean container and keep within reach (but not cluttering your top working area), placing near gloves, cotton squares, and tissue.


When You Should Do It: Plan Ahead

Always prep your wax cart the night before, but keep it organized at all times. Review your schedule for the next day and make sure you are properly prepared for your treatments. Use this time to also check your inventory to ensure you have enough product and tools to last you through the week. Order what you need. 

Fill your wax warmer the night before and set your timer to begin heating an hour prior to your first appointment. It’s always a good idea to leave a few minutes in between appointments to restock or tidy up your cart if necessary.