Why Tuel Mini Kits are Gifts that Keep Giving All Year Long

Proof that the best gifts come in small packages. Tuel Mini Kits go beyond a great stocking stuffer and instead are an opportunity for your clients to trial size their way to their best skincare routine. 100% vegan and made from powerful natural ingredients, the kits make it easy to get them glowing on the path to beautiful skin. Here’s how you can leverage the holiday season and the Tuel Mini Kits all year long.

  • Try and Try Some More: Mini Kits are a great way for your clients to try new products and treatments. From educating them on the importance of using products designed for their skin type, to seeing the benefits of a peel treatment or incorporating eye care products into their routine, Mini Kits are the perfect way to try something new. These miniature skincare products give your clients the opportunity to try smaller, less expensive versions of full-sized products. In doing so, they get to see the benefits of using effective skincare products at home before they upgrade to full sizes down the line. 

  • Give Self Care: Mini Kits not only make gift giving easy for your clients, they are a smart way to potentially grow your business with new clients. Once someone tries a new product, they are more likely to want more of those products, or even come in for a professional treatment. Some holiday promotion ideas that will also create repeat business include: create holiday gift baskets using the Mini Kits and other salon products and include a gift card for a salon treatment, donate to a local charity for every gift set sold or create skin type specific holiday gift baskets and mix in a Mini Kit with other products such as masks or body care products.

  • The “On-the-Go” Solution: We are all on the move, all the time, and Mini Kits make it easy to keep the products we  love handy—in our  purse, at our  desk, or in our car.. Remind them that you carry mini kits all year long and they are a great way to stay consistent with their skin while traveling too. 

  • It’s Skincare Freedom: Mini Kits (or any travel size product) is about offering your clients the choice and freedom to try products as they choose without spending a fortune—and it’s exciting to find something they love. Purchasing a mini version of a product they’ve had their eye on gives them an opportunity for a trial run and they can decide later if they want to make a bigger investment.