Everything You Need to Know About Wax Warmers

There are two things we know are 100% true when it comes to the perfect wax—temperature is important and not all wax warmers are created equal—which is why you can never underestimate the power of a really good warmer. So if you want to slay all day when it comes to wax treatments, you need the right tools in your corner.  

Since consistent heat is essential for wax to perform properly, the right wax warmer can make an important difference for you, your wax and your client’s treatment experience. Under heated wax goes on too thick, doesn’t remove the hair as well and can lead to bruising. If the wax is too hot, it can burn the skin. A quality warmer will heat both hard and soft wax evenly, allowing for you to focus on taking care of your client and not worry about the wax temperature. Also, always make sure your wax warmer offers temperature settings, as you should adjust based on the temperature of your wax room.

Let’s Talk Warmers

The Berodin Big Double Basin Warmer: Yes, we are biased, but the Berodin Big Double Basin Warmer is the best on the market. This heavy-duty professional warmer has one side that holds a traditional 14-ounce size tin of wax and has a second basin that holds almost four pounds of hard wax. At the core, the strong, super-fast heating element is reliable and consistent when heating your wax. It’s the workhorse you need day in and day out. 

The Single 400GM Warmer: This sturdy warmer fits most 14oz tins and has an easy to use dial for adjusting heat. When it comes to warmers, make sure your single basin includes a quality temperature control feature and reliable heating element that will help your waxes perform better than ever. Consider using two warmers in your treatment room to keep your wax ready at all times.

The Single 800GM Warmer: This new, larger warmer fits most 800mg tins and has an easy-to-use dial for adjusting heat. Plus, you’ll love the break-resistant lid and one-year warranty. The best of both worlds, this larger single warmer not only brings a little sexy to your salon, but your Berodin Aqua and Berodin Black soft waxes will never perform better. Pro Tip: If you are using Berodin Blue or Jet Set, make sure to purchase the 800mg insert.

Pro Tip: One of the best things you can do for your own peace of mind is invest in an appliance timer. Usually less than $50, you can set the timer to turn the wax on an hour before you will need it and off an hour after the last appointment for the day. This way you will never have to go in early, and your wax is always the perfect temperature.