Loud + Proud: Here’s Why Pride Matters to Us

For us, June might possibly be the best time of the year...Pride Month. A whole month to celebrate individuality, being free, living openly, and fearlessly? Count us in. That’s because in business and in life, we believe that owning who you are is a powerful thing. Pride is about community and family, it’s about being loved for the very things that make you unique, it’s about self-expression and resilience. And most importantly it’s about being who you are unapologetically, not just in June, but all year long.


While we love a good party, Pride goes beyond parades and celebrations and provides an opportunity for visibility, education, and belonging to a worldwide community...all values we live by each and every day in our business and with our products. And as a prideful company, this month we encourage our customers and clients to make a difference on a local level by finding a way to volunteer, donate, raise money, and most importantly be an ally for someone you know that may share their own personal journey with you.


So join us as we stay loud and proud, and bask in the beautiful glow of always being who you are. In the end, that’s why Pride Month really matters to us. It’s about taking pride in who you are. Taking pride in the commitment to making your community a better place. And of course, taking pride in making sure every human being has the right to love whoever they want no matter where they live. Isn’t that something that should always be celebrated?