4 Things Your Waxer Really Wants You To Know

As professional waxers, achieving clear and smooth skin is a way of life. You can bet whether it’s brows, bikinis, or Brazilians, we want you to be just as passionate about waxing as we are. Since your relationship with your waxer can get pretty up close and personal, it’s important that just like all good relationships, it goes both ways. If you are looking for the best possible waxing experience no matter what you are waxing, the pros will ask you to do your part. So let’s keep it real and talk about the four things your waxer really wants you to know about waxing.

1. Leave the hair removal to us

Resist the urge to shave, tweeze, or have ANY hair removed in-between appointments. We’re serious! We don’t care what you look like when you come in, only how you look when you come out. Doing any sort of clean up prior to your appointment can affect your overall results by not giving your waxer a total view of what they are working with. Hair that is too short will not grip the wax effectively (and it will hurt more). In fact for the best results, wait three whole weeks after shaving for your next appointment.

2. Keep it clean

So simple, yet so true. Come to your waxing appointment clean and definitely NOT post-workout. Anything you are waxing should be freshly washed to keep any post-wax issues from popping up. You’ve heard us say swimming and working out post-wax is bad for your skin, but so is hitting up the gym before coming to your appointment. The warmer and sweatier your skin is, the harder it is to wax. How about just making the day of your waxing appointment your cheat day?

3. Exfoliate every day

Exfoliating is crucial to the perfect wax. Nothing prepares your skin the way a soothing liquid body wash and exfoliating gloves can. The process ensures your skin is free of dead skin cells, and that your skin and hair are soft prior to waxing. Regular exfoliation also encourages proper hair growth and can eliminate ingrown hairs from popping up post-wax. Start by applying body wash to wet exfoliating gloves as you would a washcloth, then rub hands together and gently scrub the body from the neck down, focusing on body parts you are having (or had) waxed. An added bonus to this tip: exfoliating can also help boost circulation, improve blood flow, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

4. Get on a schedule

Waxing, just like many other things in your life is best when done as a routine. Even if your first appointment is not as comfortable as you’d like, regular waxing appointments will make your visits less painful since it breaks down the density of the hair, leaving you with finer hair to wax. Waxing and skincare are conscious choices, and you should consider waxing an important part of your overall skincare routine.