Your Product Guide to Post-Wax Success

When it comes to waxing, why not start strong, stay strong and finish strong? That’s why we believe the perfect wax ends with the right post wax treatments. From soothing products designed to heal and protect the skin, to home care for your clients, these post wax tips are the best way to guarantee beautiful skin for them and repeat business for you. Follow our guide to post wax success, and it will be smooth sailing from start to finish. 

Tip 1: Clean Up with a Jasmine Oil 

Finish your soft wax treatment by going back and massaging in a generous amount of Jasmine Oil, then using a strip to remove any excess wax and oil. This allows you to both clean up and provide soothing post-wax care all at once. 


Tip 2: Keep the Skin Bump-Free

On areas that are prone to breakouts from waxing (face, back, check and Brazilian) calm the skin with an essential oil and then add a blemish control gel (even if they say they don’t usually have any issues) to help prevent breakouts from forming and encourage existing bumps to go away faster. The acne gel will keep the hair follicle clear, suppress bacteria, and jumpstart the healing process. 


Tip 3: Soothe the Skin

Reduce redness by 40-60% by applying a soothing post wax cream. Providing immediate irritation relief for the skin, natural ingredients such as green and white tea will help calm, soothe, and protect the skin that has been waxed while healing inflamed skin. 


Tip 4: Discuss Post-Wax Home Care

To keep their skin looking its best, educate your clients on taking these steps at home to continue the healing process. 

  • Exfoliate daily, beginning 24 hours after their wax appointment. Have them use a body wash paired with exfoliating gloves to gently treat the area and help prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. If they do get ingrown hairs, remind them not to tweeze or pick. This could lead to scarring. Just continue a post-wax treatment of gently exfoliating and use blemish control product to help with healing. 
  • Certain areas of the body (back, face, etc), and skin types are more prone to breakouts and bumps post-wax, which is often just a reaction to the service of waxing. Have them continue to use a blemish control product twice a day.
  • They should also use a good botanical body lotion at home. This will help calm the skin and provide relief if needed.