Why the Holidays are the Best Time To Step Up Your Retail Game

Did you know that during the pandemic the focus on self-care increased so much that 92% of people now believe self-care makes a difference in their overall well-being? That’s why there’s never been a better time to make sure you and your salon are making the most of the self-care trend. From gift packages to stocking stuffers, here’s how you step up your retail game just in time for the holidays. 


Promote Self-Care Gifting

From your appointments to your website and social media, now is the time to start promoting some serious TLC for the holidays. Use your online platforms to get the self-care conversation going and market your salon as their go to resource for self-care gifts. Some marketing ideas include:


  • Write a blog about the importance of a good self-care routine during the holidays and post on your website and promote on social media. The traffic to your website will hopefully boost your business too.
  • Create a self-care holiday gift guide and promote on social media and your website.
  • Make sure you are offering salon gift certificates. Great for stocking stuffers!
  • Promote the idea of self-gifting and offer specials on salon treatments and products for your current customers


Boost Your Retail + At Home Care Sales

As we approach the holiday season, it’s a great time to take inventory on your salon retail stock. Do you have the right products on hand to promote sales? What do you need to carry to drive additional holiday sales? Consider the following ideas to help boost holiday sales in your salon:


  • Carry Holiday Gift Sets. Gift sets are the perfect way to potentially expand your customer base. Once someone new tries a professional product, odds are they will return for additional products and services.
  • Stock up on your retail inventory and create your own holiday gift baskets.
  • Hold a Black Friday sale on your retail products.
  • Put together gift sets based on skin type and skincare routines.