Wax Appointments Will Be Back: Tips To Prepare Your Clients

After several months of COVID-19 shutdown, it’s time for the grand “reopening” of your salon. Your clients are eager, and you are more than ready to open the doors again. Demand will be high, so all the more reason to make sure you have a solid plan before reopening. From pre-opening communication and tips to prep for appointments to scheduling and making sure your salon is ready for a COVID-19 world, here are a few things we recommend you do to prepare your clients before welcoming them back.


Prepare Your Salon

Make sure you check your local and state guidelines for reopening and also visit the CDC website for overall guidance for cleaning your workplace and protecting yourself and your clients. Strategize with your team on how to bring your clients back in a way that is safe. One of the biggest changes you might face is the end of walk-in appointments. Work ahead of your reopening and create a waitlist to give you a sense of how ready your clients are to return to the salon along with the types of services they are looking for. Getting a clear understanding of this will allow you to purchase the proper inventory and products, know your staffing needs, and allow you to build a schedule. Leverage your email database, social media accounts, and be sure to add your waitlist form to your website. This is also an ideal time to evaluate your services, pricing (including any additional COVID-19 costs to your business), reengage with your staff, and rethink the retail portion of your business. Finally, make sure you have a plan for another potential closure due to the coronavirus.


Prepare Your Clients

Pre-opening is a great time to revisit proper pre and post-wax appointment care with your clients. Reach out to them via email with reminders on what they should be doing to prepare for their appointment once you are able to open back up. Tips should emphasize hair growth (3-4 weeks is ideal), remind them to gently exfoliate, and keep their skin moisturized leading up to their first appointment.


Prepare Yourself

Hopefully, you’ve been using your quarantine time as a way to improve not only your salon business and your connection with your clients, but to take time for yourself as well. You can bet things are going to get busy very quickly, so making a commitment to self-care will only help make you a better business owner in the end. Spend some time taking a spiritual check-in that will encourage a shift in your thinking towards self-care. Focus your energy on healing yourself and those around you all while having some fun. Doing so now will make you a better business owner as things get back to normal.