Vagina Facials: Why You Should Add It To Your Services

No one ever said being a wax professional was for the timid. I mean let’s get real, you are all up in your client’s business most of the time. So if your clients start asking you about a vaginal facial, it shouldn’t phase you. But the truth is, if you’re someone that pays little attention to your “vag” other than keeping it clean and maintained, then knowing what to say to your clients when they ask about a vagina facial might put you in uncharted territory. So, if you are spending time evaluating your services, consider adding a vaginal facial to the list, the benefits might actually surprise you and your clients.

What is it?

Simply put, it’s a facial for your vagina. Cleansing, toning, steaming, exfoliating, extracting, and even a mask treatment; the steps are essentially the same. It’s the ultimate “me time” experience and will definitely get them comfortable with embracing their body.

How To Give One

First of all, make sure your clients understand that a vaginal facial doesn’t actually involve the vagina. It’s actually a treatment meant to benefit your vulva, and the treatment focuses on the bikini line, pubic mound, and the outer labia. The steps for a “vajacial” are very similar to that of a regular facial. Follow these steps (and make sure you always wear gloves for this treatment).

  1. Cleanse: Apply the Green Clean Invigorating Body Wash with moist hands, add water to emulsify and then remove with sponges.
  2. Refine: Mix 1 teaspoon of Enzyme Peel and ½ teaspoon of Power Scrub with water. Apply with hands or a brush and gently scrub; focusing on any ingrown hairs or congestion. Let sit for five minutes under steam or a hot towel. Remove with sponges and then extract any ingrown hairs. Finish this step by applying Lavender Lotion, wiping extracted areas.
  3. Nourish: Apply 3-5 drops of Post Wax Essential Oil to area. Leave on. Then apply a thin layer of Detox Clay Mask and leave on for ten minutes. Remove with water and sponges.
  4. Finish: Apply 3-5 drops of Post Wax Essential Oil. Follow with Blemish Control and Post Wax Soothing Cream.

Note: If performing this treatment with waxing, replace exfoliation steps with wax treatment. Remember to prep skin beforehand.

The Benefits

Pampering aside, vagina facials can benefit those clients who experience ingrown hairs in their bikini area––making this treatment good for your clients that see you for regular waxing appointments but struggle with post wax issues. In fact, many vagina facials are offered in conjunction with or after a waxing appointment.