Tuel Professional Concoctions: The Acne Solution is Clear

Adult acne is real. But never fear, Tuel has your back (and face) when it comes to helping your clients with their acne. Whether it's the active acne or the scars that follow, you can help get it under control. 

As a professional you know that treating and healing acne skin starts with understanding the causes of acne and of course your client’s skin type. If they are looking to address both their breakouts and focus on prevention, then it all starts with a highly effective professional treatment—especially those that include extractions and peels (when the skin is ready), and a consistent at home acne skincare routine. If you are looking for that competitive edge that only our Pore Stars get, then try these super-secret concoctions designed by our Tuel educators.


For Face and Back Acne: During the massage phase, gently apply Rehab Acne Healing Serum over Detox Essential Oil and then continue with Hydrate Super Moisture Serum and Make Amends Healing Moisture Cream for added healing benefits.  


When Acne Hurts: After applying Detox Essential Oil, Hydrate and Make Amends, add a layer of Detox Clay Mask (mix with water to create slip). The healing and anti-inflammatory properties will calm acne down. Apply an additional layer of Detox Clay Mask with a few drops of Detox Essential Oil for a nourishing anti-inflammatory bonus.


For Acne Treatment Mask: Mix Desert Clay, Detox Clay and Lift Up Firming Masks and apply. The Desert Clay Mask drives in minerals and draws out toxins, the Detox Clay Mask is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and calming, while Lift Up Firming Mask rejuvenates and heals the skin.


For Acne Scars: Mix Enzyme Peel, Power Scrub, and Glycolic Solution together and apply. Using your finger scrub lightly, focusing on the scarred area in circular motions. Use a cotton swab to apply Glycolic Solution directly to the scarred area and let sit for a moment before removing. The client will feel tingling, itching while exfoliating. Continue the facial and be sure to finish with Super Soothe.