This Could Be The Best Thing You Do For Your Salon In 2020

Truth? Owning your own salon business, whether big or small, is not for the faint of heart. From staying up on current trends, to taking care of and keeping your customers, running a successful small business takes a superhuman commitment. Our number one suggestion? GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS. Not only does it benefit them to receive personalized treatment and care, but getting to know your customers can also tell you a lot about where and how you need to grow your business. As we celebrate National Get to Know Your Customers Day this week, we thought we’d take a closer look at ways to deliver personal service every step of the way.



Might as well dive in right away. Anytime a new or existing client calls to schedule a service, it’s your chance to communicate with them. Because they don’t know how to ask “Will you help me achieve my skincare goals?” they instead ask questions such as “How much are your facials?” “What type of services do you offer?” “Can you help me with this issue?” This is your opportunity to get to know them right away, build trust, and set up the proper appointment. The sooner you can get them started on improving their skin the better. Even that initial phone call can provide you with information you need to provide excellent service.



Once they are in your salon, don’t jump right into treatment. Start with a thorough client intake form that asks questions about all aspects of their daily routine, not just their skincare product use. Explain the value of asking the questions you need to develop a personalized skincare plan just for them. Then review this form with them and ask clarifying questions. Taking this time allows clients to consider and then respond about their most pressing skincare needs. Remember the more buy-in upfront, the quicker you’ll build loyalty and repeat business.   



Post-treatment is also an ideal time to sit for a few minutes and discuss products and home skincare routines. As a Tuel Partner, you benefit from education and business tips from a team of experts. Use this information to recommend products for their specific skin type and discuss the importance of regular home skincare routines. The reality is the key to skin resiliency is treating it well both in the salon and at home.