These 4 Steps are Post-Wax Game Changers

Redness, post-wax breakouts, and ingrown hairs are all normal and unfortunate side effects of waxing that can sometimes leave its mark. No one wants to have any of these issues post-wax, not you and definitely not your clients. But the good news is these issues are preventable and shouldn’t stop your clients from enjoying the benefits of waxing. So if you’re ready to leave your clients with beautiful skin post-wax, try these four simple game changing steps.

1.Using an Essential Oil is Essential

Once you are done waxing, apply a post-wax essential oil by adding a few drops to your hands and gently massaging onto the waxed area of their skin. The post-wax essential oil will promote healing and calm redness. Full of plant-based ingredients such as lavender oil and mandarin oil, it will also deter bacteria while nourishing and softening the skin. This oil is traditionally used on the face, underarms, bikini and Brazilian.


2. Banish Blemishes

Prevent bumps and breakouts, by applying a blemish control gel. We suggest doing this even if they say they are not prone to breakouts. This acne gel will help keep the follicle clear, suppress bacteria, and jumpstart the healing process. It can also prevent new breakouts thanks to astringent lemon which conditions, tones, and controls oil. Face, back and chests and curly hair bikinis are prone to breakouts in particular.


3. Reduce Redness 

Soothe with a cream that will help take the redness out of the skin. Providing almost instant irritation relief, this cooling cream gets the job in just three minutes. Powerful Canadian willow bark helps reduce redness by 40-60%, while other antioxidants repair and strengthen the skin.


4. At Home Tips

Your clients will continue to enjoy clear beautiful skin post-wax if they follow these at home tips:

  • Avoid heat after their appointments. Since waxing removes a layer of dead skin cells, sun or heat can be an irritant, and the sun can also make the skin brown a different color. Also, remind them not to exercise for two hours after their appointment.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize the skin 24-hours after any wax appointment using a low foaming body wash and exfoliating gloves. Remind them that daily exfoliation on their body is also important because it allows the fine tipped hairs to grow through instead of possibly becoming ingrown, and exfoliated skin will make hair removal easier. 
  • Continue to apply a blemish control gel morning and night for a few days post-wax to prevent bumps and breakouts and jump start the healing process.