The Do's and Don'ts of Nose Waxing

While nose and nostril waxing might just be everyone’s least favorite waxing treatment, it can be very effective at keeping those nose hairs under control for long periods of time. But no doubt about it, the sting is real. Just the thought of getting nose hair pulled out from the root brings tears to our eyes. However, the truth is waxing nose hairs is a lot less painful than plucking them. Here are a few do's and don’ts of nose waxing from The Wax Queen herself.


While delicate in approach, waxing nose hair requires you to use the hard stuff. Hard wax does not require a strip to remove hair; instead, the hairs get stuck in the wax without sticking to skin, and it’s gentler and more effective in removing hair. Plus, you can go over the skin a second time to remove any hairs you may have missed without damaging the skin.  


Waxing those nose hairs is a quick procedure that usually is done while you are also waxing other areas of the face such as eyebrows, lip, and/or the chin. Remember when waxing nostrils, only wax what you can see. There is never a reason to stick wax up your client’s nose…those hairs are there for a reason. Using your hard wax, make a nice strip of wax up over the front of the nostril, waxing one side at a time. It may seem faster to do them both at once, but it’s not as comfortable for your client. Then remember that because it’s warm and toasty up in there, the nostril is one place where you want to leave the wax on longer than you are used to. It’s important to let that wax set up properly, so resist that urge to remove the wax too soon.


Follow the same steps post-wax for the nostrils that you would on the rest of the face. Start by rubbing a small amount of post-wax essential oil onto your hands and then massaging into the skin. And don’t forget to remind them of some beneficial pre and post-wax tips and the importance of waxing all year long.