Strategies to Spring Clean Your Salon Biz

From reducing stress to promoting a strong immune system and even increasing productivity, a clean and organized space can play a direct role in your ability to focus and succeed. As the seasons change, why not roll with that bit of extra motivation you might feel and create a fresh approach to your salon biz by rethinking your approach. Here’s how.  


Restock Your Retail Space

Boost your retail sales by changing how you approach retail sales in your salon. Did you know that 80% of people intend to be more mindful about self-care practices post pandemic? That’s why there’s never been a better time to make sure you and your salon are making the most of the self-care focus. Instead of just selling individual products, consider promoting self-care routines, complete skin and body care routines, and gifting ideas on your website, social media and in your salon. Use your online platforms to get the self-care conversation going, promote self-care services such as facial treatments, market your salon as their go-to resource for self-care products, and then stock your retail space accordingly.


Reconnect With Your Client Base

No time like the present to take a closer look at new ways you can deliver personalized service to your clients. Evaluate every client touchpoint, starting with your first phone call, text or email. This is your chance to understand right away what their needs and concerns are, build trust, and gather the information you need to provide personalized customer service. Then, during their appointment, make sure you begin with a thorough client intake form that asks the right questions to help develop a personalized skincare plan. Also include a strategy for ongoing outreach as a way to make positive and effective connections with your clients on a regular basis. 

Re-energize Your Approach

One of the best ways to refresh your salon business is to invest in training. Some studies even say the proper training can increase profit margins up to 47%. That’s why it’s important to look at training as an investment, not a cost. It enhances your skills, allows you to provide better solutions and services to your clients, increases customer satisfaction, and boosts your marketing efforts. 

If you are thinking of boosting your training this spring, why not look to a company that has focused on healthy skin and waxing techniques since 1979? The team at Tuel is committed to your success by offering state-of-the-art classes in waxing and facial services designed to broaden your expertise through hands-on classes, tactical business and marketing advice, and more. 

Types of classes offered throughout the year include:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Advanced Skin and Body
  • Skin and Wax Combo Classes
  • Skin Conditions Classes

You can learn more about the 2022 course schedule here or call 800.765.7597 to inquire about class availability.