Post Treatment Tips for A Successful Face Wax

All successful face wax treatments start with the right wax—both type and temperature. Berodin Blue is a hard wax designed to provide quick, efficient results and a less painful wax experience, ideal especially for a face wax. As far as temperature goes, make sure there is a solid center in the warmer, pull your wax from the outer edges providing the right temperature for spreading on the skin. But what about the finish? When it comes to all waxing treatments, post-care is important, but even more so when it comes to a face wax. Let’s breakdown each of the four post-wax care tips we recommend for a successful face wax.


Step 1: Once you are done waxing, apply a post-wax essential oil. We recommend not adding any drops directly to the face, but instead add to your hands and gently massage into the skin. The benefits? The post-wax essential oil will promote healing and calm redness. Full of plant-based ingredients such as lavender and mandarin oil, it will also deter bacteria while nourishing and softening the skin.


Step 2:  Prevent breakouts, especially on the face, by apply a blemish control gel. We suggest doing this even if they say they are not prone to breakouts. This acne gel will help keep the follicle clear, suppress bacteria, and jumpstart the healing process. It can also prevent new breakouts thanks to astringent lemon which conditions, tones, and controls oil.


Step 3: Soothe with a cream which will help take the redness out of the skin. Working like an instant irritation relief, this cooling cream gets the job done quick—in just three minutes as a matter of fact. Powerful Canadian willow bark helps reduce redness by 40-60%, while other antioxidants repair and strengthen the skin.


Step 4: This final step is very important. Make sure to add sunscreen to their face before they leave. Any body part such as the face that is instantly exposed to the sun can have a reaction or discoloring once they go outside. With a face wax, sunscreen application is an important final step you should never skip. Plus this gives you the opportunity to discuss the importance of sunscreen in their regular skincare routine.