Less Pain, All Gain with Berodin Wax

Truth? Waxing hurts. But it doesn’t have to hurt as much. Using the right wax, the right technique, and the right pre-and post-care, it is possible to create a better experience for your clients.


The Right Approach

A less painful wax starts with the right approach. Start by looking at any wax treatment holistically—from before clients walk in the door to after they leave. Important steps include:

  • Pre-wax care: From proper at home care such as exfoliating the skin, to how you care for their skin once they arrive (cleanse with lavender lotion and protect and condition the skin with jasmine oil), making sure your clients understand what to do before they come in will make a difference.
  • Timing: Educate your clients how important it is to have the proper hair length when it comes to a successful wax. Following a 3-to-4-week regular schedule will help keep things less painful.
  • Using the right equipment + products: One of the key factors in a good waxing experience is the temperature of the wax. Under heated and the wax goes on too thick and can lead to painful bruising. Too hot and it can burn the skin. Make sure you use a quality warmer that will heat hard and soft wax evenly. We also recommend non-woven wax strips, proper use of spatulas, and of course quality hard and soft wax.
  • Proper technique: We believe in the power of proper training when it comes to successful waxing treatments. That’s why when you use Berodin products, you get much more than just wax. We’ve developed a best-in class training schedule and a YouTube page that focus on technique and training with hands-on sessions and videos.
  • Post-wax care: After you’re done with their treatment, be sure to use a soothing essential oil and post wax soothing cream to nourish the skin, and then remind them of proper at home care to help prevent and blemishes post wax.



The Berodin Difference

When it comes to a less painful wax, the quality of the product can make a big difference. Using the latest and greatest technology in polymer formulation, we’ve developed the best wax in the industry. Not only is it gentle on the skin, but it’s also strong on hair removal. Our low-temperature waxes stay flexible and are not sticky like traditional waxes, giving your clients a superior experience. Each product is specialized to deliver quick, efficient results and a less painful wax treatment.