Here's The Right Way To Use A Clay Mask During A Facial


As a skincare professional, you understand what we mean when we say we love the “nourish” phase of a facial. This is the point in the treatment where you take that little bit of extra time to really care for your client and their skin. Starting with a botanical essential oil, and then moving into a moisturizing and relaxing massage, and finally finishing with a mask treatment, the benefits of this phase are amazing for you and your client. And if you are a Tuel Professional, you know that we always suggest using a desert clay as your base mask during this phase. So wondering how to correctly use a clay mask during your facial treatments? Read on for a few of our favorite tips straight from our pros at Tuel.


Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to mixing and blending masks. We always recommend starting with our hydrating Desert Clay Hydrating Mask (unlike many desert clay masks on the market, ours doesn’t dehydrate the skin thanks to mineral-rich smectite clay), and then adding in the appropriate mask for their skin type.  Instead of just applying straight from the jar, try these mash ups for maximum results:

Pro Tips

You might say we’ve learned a few tips of the trade along the way. Some of our favorites when it comes to clay masks include:

  • Our Detox Clay Mask is good to use as a spot treatment for acne. Pore purging, it uses kaolin clay and sulfur to absorb oil and bacteria.
  • Add an essential oil to any mask treatment for added nourishment.
  • To warm clay masks, “float” the mask bowl in the very hot water bowl while performing the massage and always use warm water when you mix.
  • Educate your client about the benefits of clay masks beyond their face especially if they suffer from breakouts. Clay masks are effective for the chest, back and bikini areas too.
  • Once you’ve applied most of the mask treatment, take an eye pad and place it over the eyes. “Glue” it down using a little bit of the extra mask to secure the eye pad. Make sure your client is warm enough, and leave them alone for about 10 minutes. Let your client drift into their deepest relaxation.