Here's How To Get The Most Out Of Your Skincare Products

At Tuel we believe that to be successful in business you must pay it forward, share what you know, and empower one another. That’s why a large part of our focus with our professional clients goes beyond products and includes education and information to help grow your business. When it comes to facial techniques, no one has more experience than the Wax Queen herself, Lori Nestore. Here is some step by step tips on how to get the most out of your Tuel skincare products during your facials. 


1. Cleanse 

  • Use cleansing oil to remove makeup, lipstick, and yes, eye makeup. You can’t do a proper facial without doing an eye treatment. 
  • Surface cleanse next using a milk cleanser or gel. Massage into the skin briefly, then remove with facial sponges.
  • Follow with a deep pore cleansing treatment. But here’s the secret: Make sure you dry the face before applying the cleansing oil––the skin can’t be wet. Then cleanse the face, neck, chest, and shoulders. Follow with the herbal toner.  


  • After turning on your steamer (since this stage consists of exfoliating and extractions), we like to start stage two with some relaxing treatments. Apply the eye treatment first using one that matches their eye concern. Be sure to go directly over the eyelid and around the eyes (and don’t forget to add a little to the lips too). 
  • Continue the “relaxing” portion of this stage by adding a botanical booster. Apply with wet fingers to the neck and décolleté.  
  • For the exfoliating stage, try combining two products for maximum results. Our recommendation? Mix the Enzyme Peel and Power Scrub, but you can use any of them individually or any combination. Start by learning what each product does individually before mixing and matching.   
  • Quick tip to prep for stage three: float your mask in a bowl of really hot water so it’s ready after your complete the extractions. 

3. Nourish

  • After extractions the skin is as clean as it’s going to be, so start the nourish phase with a botanical booster. Nothing is as powerful as a pure plant extract. 
  • Massage with two products: First a layer of Hydrate, then add in a moisturizer that is right for their skin type. When mixing these two during the massage, add a little water to one hand and add that to the skin to create the necessary slip. 
  • Finally, apply your final mask. One of our favorites? Lift up. It protects and restores using radical-fighting antioxidants that will give the skin a firmer, tighter appearance. 


4. Finish 

  • During the final stage, focus on nourishing, hydrating, and protecting (day or night). Start with a serum to hydrate. Remember, serums first, (give them a few minutes to soak in), then apply the eye product.
  • Apply suncare as the final step no matter what they are doing during the day. Sunscreen should always be the last step before makeup. If your client has an evening appointment, you can apply a moisture cream as the final step.