Here’s Why You Should Just Say No to Waxing at Home

Trust us, we get it. A global pandemic and salon closures can cause us to do desperate things, including waxing on your own at home. Why not give it a try? From YouTube to TikTok, there are plenty of tutorial videos out there to help guide the way. But if you think about waxing as more than just hair removal, but really as a skincare treatment overall, you’ll understand why it really is better to leave the waxing to the pros. Here’s why now is not the time to break up with your favorite waxing professional. Instead just say no to waxing at home and head back into the salon. Your skin will thank you for it.


Better for Your Skin

Many waxing professionals are also licensed estheticians which means they understand how to care for your skin type. Professional waxing services will often go beyond just waxing, by offering tips to care for your skin before and after your appointment, while also providing guidance on how to troubleshoot reactions such as bumps and ingrown hairs. It’s important to understand that pre-and post-wax care is an important part of the waxing process, as is hair growth. Your waxing professional will offer proper guidelines on both.


Professional Experience

You’ve seen the TikTok Full Face Waxing Challenge or nose waxing videos, both painful reminders that a professional wax is the way to go. Safer, more reliable, and longer lasting, a professional wax means you have access to experienced estheticians who understand skin type, differences between hard and soft wax, and are trained in techniques that will give you a better overall result. Waxing is a delicate procedure that requires skill and practice—simply put, they would never cover your entire face with wax and then rip it off all at once.

In addition to expertise, you’ll also have access to professional grade products, again better for hair removal and your skin overall. Plus, they will often have these products available for you to purchase so you can continue effective skincare treatments at home. When you wax at home, you are often limited to watered-down, mass produced skincare products available in stores, instead of more effective treatments for your skin that are suggested for you personally by a professional. Professional products also have a higher volume of active ingredients which means you need less product to get the best results.


It Will Hurt Less

Waxing is painful, but when you trust your skin to a professional, you also get access to their training and expertise. They understand that proper technique for each type of waxing treatment and correct wax temperature to ensure your skin is not damaged or bruised. Hair growth is also key to a less painful wax. If you are waxing at home, the temptation to wax sooner is possible. If the hair is too short, it will just pull the hair, not necessarily remove it and it will hurt more. Your wax professional will keep you on the correct timeline for hair growth.