Freshen Up with These 6 Spring Wax Treatments

Sun’s out and so is everything else. Time to focus your salon efforts on some of spring’s biggest wax treatments. From the face, to the legs and the bikini line, just think of this as your wax treatment guide to removing hair from everywhere the sun touches—leaving behind smooth skin just in time for some sunshine. If your clients are ready to bare all, it’s time to help them. Here’s how. 


First things First: Educate Your Clients

Warm weather can bring with it an influx of “spring/summer-only” or first-time waxers wanting their underarms, back, chest, bikini line and legs beach-body ready. Even regulars should adjust their pre and post wax care slightly for warmer weather and use proper pre-wax care. Following some basic tips such as avoiding sun exposure or spray tans, letting their hair grow the proper length prior to their appointment, and regular exfoliation will go a long way in making sure their skin looks great.

Emphasize post-wax care as well. Talk to clients about how to avoid those not-so-pretty post-wax bumps by using a blemish control product to help keep the hair follicle clear, suppress bacteria, and jump-start the healing process. 


Spring Wax Treatment Tips

Never fear, the Wax Queen is here with some of her favorite tips for all your warm weather wax treatments. 

Face: Protect the skin in the sensitive lip area by pulling tight as you apply and remove the wax. Waxing nostrils? Remember the warmer the body part, the longer you should let the wax sit (longer than you really want to). Take the redness out of the skin with a post-wax essential oil. 

Arms: For full arms on both men and women, start with the client on their back, arms raised above their head. Then wax everything you can from that angle, before sitting them up to do the front. Remember to hold the skin tight by pulling the skin as you are applying and removing the wax. Underarms are one of the few areas you should actually clean before treating.

Bikini/Brazilian: Don’t have your client wear their bathing suit. Instead, take a wax strip and tie it through their underwear so you get a clear line to wax that is more versatile for them. This is one of the most easily bruised areas so be sure to brace the skin when you apply the strip as well as when you remove it. Keep your hand close as you come up around the corner with the wax and don’t pop the skin (this causes bruising). And remember, understanding what makes them physically and emotionally comfortable is especially important with this type of service. With bikini and Brazilian treatments, hard wax is the only way to go. Ideal for coarse hair and sensitive areas, hard wax is fast, efficient, and surprisingly gentle. 

Legs: Want to wax those legs in 10 or 15 minutes? Don’t focus on any given area and instead work in complete stages. Prep everything, then wax everything, then clean everything so you only do each step one time. Work from the bottom up, using large, plastic spatulas that allow for the proper angle to apply the wax and also hold more product. 

Back, Neck and Chest: For men, these areas are larger and surrounded by hair. Take a minute before you start to come up with a wax plan. Use long wax strips and remove firmly and quickly. Remember to check in on your client...this can be intense. On the back, wax one half at a time and work the strips from the bottom up. This is also a prime break-out area, so be sure to encourage them to use the right products at home.

Want to up your wax game even more? Expand your knowledge with Berodin’s hands-on and/or video training. It’s a great way to perfect your technique and get answers to the questions you need.