Fresh Ways To Talk About Natural Beauty Just in Time for Spring

Natural beauty goes beyond makeup—it's about starting with non-toxic, all-natural skincare routines and products. If your clients really want to make a change this spring and take a natural approach to beauty, it’s time to clean up their act and follow these steps towards becoming a natural beauty.


Start at the beginning

True natural beauty begins with the right skincare routine. Choose skincare products that are all-natural, non-toxic, and even vegan. Dry skin definitely doesn’t look fresh so start with an all-natural moisturizer. Look for products featuring botanicals such as geranium, rosemary, and shea butter to help reveal softer, smoother complexion...the perfect foundation to natural beauty.

No-makeup makeup

We’re talking about looking flawless with as little makeup as possible. Essentially effortless and fresh, natural makeup focuses on using light washes of neutral color that enhance your skin, eyes, cheeks, and lips. Healthy, moisturized skin is the key to this look so always start with hydrating your skin.

Body beautiful

Spring is the perfect time to give everything below the neck a little more attention. Start with a body exfoliation kit in the shower or tub. This will increase circulation and remove dead skin cells which will give you touch-worthy glowing skin in no time. Then moisturize with products designed specifically for the body, with a focus on all-natural ingredients.