Eye Treatments That Will Slay Your Killer Eye Kit Sales

2023 is here and we are feeling inspired to try something new. Why not start our new found focus with…well…the eyes? The best of the best at Tuel got together and developed nourishing eye treatments that are sure to leave them feeling like dark circles, puffy under eyes and fine lines can be a thing of the past. Then combine those treatments with our Killer Eye Kit for a complete at home eye care routine, your clients—and your retails sales—will see nothing but results.


Eye-Opening Treatments

The Glamour Eye Treatment: Beneficial for anyone who needs a little brightening, lightening, or tightening around the eyes. Performed during the refine stage, this treatment is the key to fresh and renewed eyes. 

  • Step One: Once skin is thoroughly cleansed, make a light paste with Enzyme Peel and Power Scrub, then gently but firmly exfoliate the area around and under the eyes. Remove with water and sponges or barber warp. 
  • Step Two: Apply Eye Corrector, Fresh Eyes, then Eye Revive to the entire eye area.
  • Step Three: Massage the area for 5 minutes with a layer of Rescue Cream boosted with 1 drop of Rescue Essential Oil.
  • Step Four: Apply a layer of Lift Up Firming Mask.  
  • Step Five: Cover eyes with cotton pads soaked in hot water or Tea Eye Soak* and allow to set for 5 minutes or more. 
    • Tea Eye Soak Instructions: Take 2 cups of hot water, 2 tea bags (black tea preferred), and soak until strong. Add 3 drops of Rescue Essential Oil (if you have it). Store in the fridge, in a clean covered container to reheat and reuse. 
  • Step Six: Rinse thoroughly and add another layer of Eye Corrector, Fresh Eyes and Eye Revive.

The DePuff Eye Treatment: Designed to reduce puffiness, this treatment will condition and help reduce inflammation in the eye area. Performed at the massage step of a facial, this treatment is the key to fresh and renewed eyes. 

    • Step One: At the massage step of the facial, mix one drop of Relax Essential Oil and a small amount of Fresh Eyes De-Puff Moisture Lotion and massage the product around the eyes, including a lymphatic massage for the eyes. 
    • Step Two: Continue your regular massage treatment.
    • Step Three: While preparing your mask, apply a thin layer of Eye Correct and then follow with your mask mixture. Apply mask to face and décolleté area and cover the eyes with cool eye pads for ten minutes. 
    • Step Four: Proceed with mask removal and finishing steps, adding an eye product step to enhance the treatment. Our recommendation: mix one drop Relax Essential Oil, one drop Fresh Eyes and a small amount of Eye Correct.
    • Pro Note: Remember to use a small amount of product and stay away from the tear trough and go over the eyelid crease area. 


Killer Eyes at Home

Developed specifically to help up your retail sales game (you know Tuel has your business back), this Killer Eye Kit has everything your clients need to fight all those eye issues—dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. What’s Inside: 

Fresh Eyes De-Puff Moisture Lotion reduces puffiness, inflammation and conditions the delicate eye area. Sunflower oil helps moisturize while anise oil works to de-puff tired eyes. Brightening vitamin C and conditioning vitamin E provides antioxidant protection and repair. 

Eye Correct Firm & Lighten Gel brightens and firms to give the eyes a well rested look. This lightweight gel is enriched with skin-plumping lupin extract and licorice to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Antioxidant ginkgo helps spark cell turnover, while vitamin E moisturizes and protects. 

Eye Revive Firming Peptide Cream helps firm and target fine lines and wrinkles with super-ingredient tripeptide-37 for a tighter, lifted look. Argan oil and antioxidant-rich superfruits like goji berry and pomegranate, work synergistically to help hydrate, strengthen and protect the eye area.