Double Cleanse Your Way to a Better Facial

Words all estheticians should live by—the better the cleanse, the better the facial. That’s why our education experts at Tuel recommend starting each facial treatment with a surface cleanse followed by a double cleanse using a system formulated for their skin type for the best results. Try these proven steps and cleanse your way to a better facial.


Step 1: Prep

Not only are our cleansing oils great for a deep clean and prepping the skin to best absorb products, but they also work well at initially removing any makeup such as mascara and lipstick. Just add a few drops of the cleansing oil to moistened cotton.


Step 2: Surface Cleanse

The surface cleanse is a pre-cleanse designed to remove as much makeup and dirt from the skin as possible. Use a skin type specific milk cleanser for dry, mature, reactive, combo, and acne with small pores skin types. Milk cleansers are made from lightweight emollients and are nourishing while not leaving a residue on the skin. They will thoroughly cleanse without drying or stripping, soften fine lines, and help calm and strengthen the skin. They work to keep the skin’s barrier intact, guarding against inflammation and keeping the skin balanced. 

For oily skin with large pores gel cleanser is typically the best bet for the surface cleanse. Beneficial in refining pores and eliminating excess oil from the face, a good gel cleanser will also gently exfoliate and clarify. One of the biggest benefits of a gel cleanser is its cleansing capabilities—all without stripping the skin. By using a formula that causes little irritation to the skin, it allows for thorough cleansing of pores while removing dirt and excess oil off the surface of the skin at the same time.

Apply by adding one pump of milk or gel cleanser to the palm with water to emulsify. Rinse with cool water, removing with sponges. Pat skin dry with a towel.


Step 3: Deep Pore Cleanse

For a deep pore cleanse, apply to dry skin with dry hands and massage one pump of cleansing oil onto face and neck for 3-5 minutes concentrating on congested areas. Then massage one pump of the herbal toner over the cleansing oil. Add cool water gradually to emulsify and turn milky white. Keep adding water until the oil feels dissolved, then do a final rinse with sponges or barber wrap. It you have a steamer, start it now.

Client Tip: When clients purchase a cleansing duo for the first time, have them use it on the back of one hand, then look at their hands side by side after cleansing. This way they will use it correctly from the beginning.

Finish your cleanse phase of the facial by applying the skin type appropriate eye product around the eye and lip areas after the double cleanse. Cover the eyes with cotton pads soaked in warm water while applying Relax Essential Oil to the neck and shoulders before moving to extractions and exfoliation steps of your facial treatment.