4 Reasons To Talk To Your Clients About Aloe Vera

The ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality” so who are we to argue with that? For centuries aloe vera has been used in a variety of health and skincare treatments...and is one of the best natural solutions to soothe and heal the skin. The real magic is in the clear gel the aloe plant leaves secrete...or when found in natural skincare products designed to reduce inflammation and calm the skin. So if your clients are coming to you with skin issues such as acne, redness, dryness, or fine lines and wrinkles, then you should be talking to them about aloe vera.  

1. It Moisturizes

Aloe has always been used as a moisturizer...healing dry, flaky skin. In fact, recent studies show it may actually help prevent and reduce skin dryness. And because it’s a gel and not greasy, it’s ideal even for those with oily, combination, or sensitive skin.

2. It Fights Acne

Combine the healing properties of aloe vera with the anti-inflammatory benefits of the plant and you have a natural acne fighter. Aloe vera gel contains natural hormones that reduce skin-inflammation while at the same time stimulating the growth of new cells. This allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring.

3. It’s Anti-Aging

Everyone wants to fight those fine lines and wrinkles...well the secret might just be in aloe vera. The aloe leaves contain many antioxidants including vitamin C and E, and beta carotene that promotes hydration in the skin while helping with firmness.

4. It’s Calming

There’s a reason your mom always wanted to put aloe on your sunburn...its natural soothing properties is probably what it is most well-known for. If you have clients that are suffering from chronic skin problems, then natural skincare products containing aloe vera are known to soothe and reduce skin inflammation and redness. Maybe it’s the more than 75 different nutrients found in the plant that makes it so powerful.