4 Reasons It’s Best to Leave the Waxing to the Pros

Seven months into the coronavirus lockdown, and suddenly we’ve all become beauty experts. Salons are closed and you have to do something about those brows, bikini lines and legs, so why not turn to at home waxing kits and just DIY your way to smooth skin? But the truth is it’s much better for your skin if you get your waxing done by a professional. So now that things are beginning to reopen, here are four reasons why it’s best to head back to the salon and leave the waxing to the pros.


1. Experience Counts

If you are looking for the safest waxing option and a better overall experience, then professional waxing is best. Safer, more reliable, and longer lasting, a professional wax means you have access to experienced estheticians who understand skin type, differences between hard and soft wax, and are trained in techniques that will give you a better overall result. Waxing is a delicate procedure that requires skill and practice.


2. Less Painful

Ok let’s face it, waxing is painful. But with professional services, it is possible for it to be less painful. While everyone has a different level of pain tolerance, the fact is if you follow the pre and post-wax tips from your wax professional, and commit to a regular wax schedule, it will start to hurt less. Ideally, a consistent four-week schedule is the key to a less painful experience.


3. Your Skin Will Glow

Remember, many waxing professionals are also licensed estheticians which means they understand how to care for your skin type. Waxing services will often go beyond just waxing, and offer tips to care for your skin before and after your appointment, and how to troubleshoot reactions such as bumps and ingrown hairs.


4. Access to Professional Products

Not only will you get the benefit of your waxing professional’s expertise, you’ll have access to professional grade waxing and pre and post-skincare products—many of which you can also purchase so you can continue caring for your skin at home. The truth is store-bought brands are watered down versions designed for mass production, and if you DIY your wax treatment, then you have no choice but to use those products. Here’s why using professional products is best:

  • Professional products have a higher volume of active ingredients.
  • Professional products are more concentrated, so you need less product and get the best results.
  • Professional products are perfectly balanced; they act like a prescription addressing specific skin needs.
  • Professional products are guaranteed.
  • Professional products are recommended based on your personal skin issues, ensuring better results overall.