3 Ways The Holidays Can Wreak Havoc On The Skin + How To Fight Back

November marks the beginning of the holiday season...a time spent celebrating with family and friends, timeless traditions, and enjoying savory foods. But it can also be the worst time of the year for your clients’ skin. Think about it...they’re facing cold weather, overindulging in food and drinks, lack of sleep, and of course stress. But there are a few things you can do help them face these challenges head-on, and make sure their complexion is something to celebrate all season long.

1. Challenge: Not enough sleep

So much to do, so little time, right? From party planning to cooking, and shopping so much gets added to the “to do” list during the holiday season. This often means late-night multi-tasking. Translation? No one is getting their beauty sleep. Without proper sleep, the skin does not have a chance to naturally repair itself. In addition, it can cause the eyes to be puffy and red, and those dreaded dark circles just get worse. If a good night’s sleep is not in the plan, recommend products that naturally reduce inflammation and moisturize the eye area...and include brightening vitamin C...it’s like a good night’s sleep in a bottle.

2. Challenge: Stress

The reality is the holidays are a stressful time...which can create major issues with your clients’ skin. Breakouts, excess oil, dryness, and redness can all get worse due to stress. The best thing you can do is recommend ways for your clients to de-stress and take care of themselves. And maybe a professional facial too?

3. Challenge: Holiday food and drinks

Both sugar and alcohol can create major skin problems. Common side effects of overindulging in adult beverages include dryness and redness, while sugar can cause the skin to age quickly. If they do go overboard, recommend products that focus on anti-aging and hydrating the skin.